Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bruce's Visit

An old friend was in from Tucson last week, so a few of us ex-coworkers got together for brunch. What a great time we all had!
Nothing can match the company of old friends. It's so comfortable to be in the presence of people who know you very well. They understand your humor. You share glimpses of eye contact at poignant spaces in the conversation, yet there's no need to discuss it later. It's okay if something you say comes out wrong; nobody gets offended.
I haven't seen one of them in 9 years, but I keep in regular contact with most of them. Although I enjoy them individually and sometimes with a few of us together, I didn't realize that I missed them collectively. The dynamics of this group work very well. There's talk of us all going to see Bruce in Arizona; I'd really like to be sure that happens.
Here's a shot I took of Bruce near a guard tower of Castillo San Filipe del Morro, an old Spanish fort in San Juan. This and two other forts form the city walls, which have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A guard tower from El Morro (the fort's nickname) is also depicted on the "state" quarter of Puerto Rico.

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