Monday, March 1, 2010

Turning the Page

We moved Mom back to her house yesterday. And, that quickly, it’s over . . . I miss her already.
She is rehabbing very well and has made progress quickly (not in her mind, of course). I think she considers my place an acceptable option, but her first choice is to be home. My sister recently moved to Mom’s, so I got dropped like a hot potato!
I know that she’s more settled and, therefore, active and productive, at home. But, I also know that we don’t have any idea what will happen and she may well be back. I don’t want to view this as though it’s over. In Mom’s recovery, it’s just a new phase. In my (and my sister’s) handling of Mom’s aging, it’s just a start. And, in life, it’s just a drop. But, her presence is gone from my home, so I can’t help but reflect on the turning of another page.
A lot of good has come from Mom being at my place. First, she has realized what she means to my sister and me. That has led to her understanding (finally!) that she has pretty good kids, despite her (and others’) complaints; I really can’t believe it’s taken her this long to get that! My sister and I have very different capabilities, so we compliment one another well; it’s always good when we collaborate on something and this has been no exception. My cousin has helped us out a lot, too, and that has brought her even closer to us. And, of course, I have learned how therapeutic blogging is! I’m really happy that I started doing this, although it’s not so aptly-named anymore.
I guess one of my most memorable moments of having her with me is when I called her from work one day. I had been setting her breakfast dishes out for her on the table every day, so she could just wheel around the kitchen. I did that beacause I thought she needed me to do it. We had only talked for a minute or two when she said, “I have to go. I’m scrambling an egg for my dog.”

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