Sunday, March 14, 2010

Out Sick

Illnesses (mine and my pc's!) have prevented me from posting the last week. My apologies to those keeping in touch via this blog. I'll try to do better!
I've been sick for 5 days and I'm not getting better! My doc's office says that my symptoms indicate that I can manage it on my own. I felt really old calling them. I remember when I wouldn't have considered going to the doc for cold and/or flu symptoms. Of course, I didn't wear coats and went out in the cold with wet hair, back then, too. Now, I need a scarf around my neck, wear boots when there's no snow just to keep my ankles warm and have severe perfume allergies. God, I'm turning into one of those old women that I always thought were pains in the ass!
I really wanted to be out walking along the river this morning; I'd like to make that a Sunday tradition.
My mom and Sarge brought me some bread pudding yesterday. I always feel very loved when someone does something like that for me. I'll try to remember sick people more often, myself.
I've learned that I need a humidifier in my house. Since the vaporizer was already out for the cat, I've been using it for myself. It's easy to see that it's working; the old windows are steamed up in every room of the house. I really can't believe that an appliance that small can humidify that much area, but check out this plume of steam!
I feel so much better with the moisture in the air. Not better from the cold, but in general. I've been having problems from the dry, indoor air this winter (again: turning into a PITA!). I was convinced that I needed to move to Hawai'i to combat this problem . . .

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