Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Guns In Chicago?

I want a bumper sticker that says “I’m a liberal and I have a handgun”. I’m sure nobody’s printing them, though. Who would go to all that trouble for seven sales nationwide? ;)
I enjoy listening to the NRA/Verteran/Conservative vs Liberal/Euro/Gun Control arguments, particularly the views of people from other nations. A lot of Americans don’t realize how uncommon our right to bear arms is.
I think a lot of people from outside the US see our gun rights as an extension of “American Aggression,” thinking that they come with our tendency to police the world, engage in unpopular invasions and issue international ultimatums.
I think that view is inaccurate; it really doesn’t have anything to do with our military persona. Guns are a part of the American psyche because our land was founded such a short time ago. Those who settled what would become American soil needed guns to do it; it would have been impossible without them. Unlike the European continent, America was born only a couple hundred years ago. So, we still have those rights and we appreciate them.
I used to think that was the end of the argument. Lately, though, my views have been changing. I’m steering away from the idea that circumstance maintains our appreciation of gun rights. I’m starting to think this right just makes sense (in today’s world, in Europe, etc). I used to think that dissenting Europeans and Canadians just weren’t in the same place we are. But, now, they sound a little overly-dramatic to me. Sheesh, we can’t outlaw everything that could kill someone . . .
I became a handgun owner by accident; my gun belonged to my husband. Yet, I made an intentional choice to keep and use it. I knew that I had to either learn to use it or get rid of it. So, I learned how and I try to shoot regularly, since keeping in practice is part of responsible gun ownership. I enjoy target shooting; it makes me feel accomplished. Sometimes I do it in the back yard, but I generally go to a range.
I sort of understand the argument for banning handguns while leaving long guns allowable. I don’t support it, but I understand it. It seems that a lot of states, municipalities and government agencies have determined that as long as we can own rifles, our right to bear arms is still intact. I’m not sure about that.
The Supreme Court is hearing arguments today about the City of Chicago’s handgun ban. I’m anxious to hear their decision and reasoning.

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