Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Morning Walk

I've always been a lover of water. That, for me, used to translate to lakes. Since I started kayaking, though, I learned to appreciate the unique beauty of rivers.
This morning, I took a long walk along the closest river. This is a wide, beautiful river with lots of large islands. Because of its width, the current is usually gentle and you can kayak in both directions, which is unusual for a river. With river paddling, you usually need a ride back to your car, but you can paddle back in this one.
The area that's pictured is just where the water enters bedrock that's very close to the surface, causing these rapids. You can see how the tumultuous action in the foreground gives way to a glassy smoothness behind it.
Native Americans in this area considered this section of the river sacred. A gigantic and locally-famous limestone rock stands sentry over the transition from silent water to a raging symphony of sound and action. From this vantage high on the banks, it's easy to believe that our ancestors are guiding us.

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