Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tropical Treats

I’ve been on a tropical fruit kick lately. This is not a good sign . . . When I start tuning in to Hawaiian internet radio, I’ll know that I’m getting the itch for another South Pacific visit. I’ll have to control my wanderlust, though, as I already have plans for my vacation time this year.
Have you ever tasted papaya seeds? They’re billed as edible and taste kind of peppery, but the consistency is just horrible!! It’s like chewing a wooden marble! I’ll have to do some googling to find out how to prepare them for eating, because nobody would want it straight from the fruit.
My husband and I used to have a luau each year around June 11, which is King Kamehameha day (and my sister’s birthday). We included Hawaiian music and decorations. Just to be silly, Butch liked to wear a grass skirt and coconut bra (over the luau shirt!), too, but it was really about the food. Oh, the food is just fabulous! Because there were a number of different dishes, it was usually a lot of work. I’ve never enjoyed cooking, but I happily cook for a luau!
I serve kalua (not the liqueur) pork, shoyu (Japanese for soy) chicken, adobo chicken or pork, haupia (a coconut pudding-type dish), coconut-sweet potato soufflé, pork & sweet potato stew, and a fruit compote dressed with honey and lime. OMG, luau food is SO good!
I may start having luaus again. I really enjoyed cooking and serving all those great foods. My sister and I plan to try cooking the kalua pig in an imu, the traditional underground oven used by Hawaiians of old.
Hmm, almost two and a half months to prepare . . . Who wants to come?

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